Is It Possible To Put 3DS ROMs On R4 3DS Card?

R4 3DS is a media cartridge for Nintendo DS that allows users to run “home-brew” or amateur-programmed software, as well as browsing and accessing music on Nintendo 3DS. R4 3DS card can be loaded with data from a computer, then inserted into Nintendo 3DS to access its features.

R4 3DS can be loaded with media software and data, allowing a user to turn his Nintendo 3DS into a music and video player. Other home-brew apps allow players to use their machines as personal organizers or portable art studios. One of the biggest applications of R4 3DS involves gaming. The cartridge can be loaded with home-brew games, emulators and ROM files for systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System and TurboGrafx 16.

Since the latest 3ds has been updated to V4.5.0-10, more and more r4 3ds flashcart have already released the update patch for it, they either released a update patch or released a new r4 3ds to support the new 3ds. I’ve been searching everywhere firstly for roms that can actually be downloaded. And secondly those will work on my R4 3DS card. Does anyone have any sites that actually work? or is it even possible?

The answer is no, until now, 3DS is still not cracked, there is no flash card can play 3ds games, but you can play dsl/dsi games on r4 3ds cards.